Importance Of A Clean Drivetrain

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Your mountain bike drivetrain is subject to such a range of environments! From dust, sand, gravel and the inevitable mud fest the potential contaminants come in a range of flavours. Should we be concerned about these contaminants though? I mean, what do we have to loose? 

Shifting Accuracy / Efficiency

A new drivetrain seems to let the chain glide along the cassette from top to bottom without hesitation. Fast forward a few months and there's a chance this feeling has diminished. It's easy to put it down to that little bump on the derailleur which means it's probably not perfectly tuned anymore. Although this may be true and should be checked out another explanation could be all that built up muck on your chain, cassette and derailleur! This will not only make the gears feel sloppy to shift but even robs you of power as you pedal.

Drivetrain maintenance cleaning Australian mountain bike conditions

Drivetrain Life

Your mountain bike drivetrain is designed to run smoothly and easily with lubrication aiding it's operation. But, add in all that grit and grime from your favourite Brisbane MTB trails and it will wear away at your chain, cassette and chain ring shortening their life span. Even when cleaning your bike, unless you degrease your drivetrain there will still be stubborn contaminants stuck the the drivetrain ready to degrade your parts.

The Solution

It's easy! A bit of drivetrain maintenance post ride will go a long way. When cleaning your bike just add another step and use the 'Muc-Off' Drivetrain Cleaner on your drivetrain. Simply spray it on, get to work with a thin but firm brush (like the 'claw brush' in the 'premium brush kit') and when you're done hose it all off. This drivetrain formula is made of a special formula, different from your bike cleaner, that is specifically designed to cut into the grease and hard to move debris found on your drivetrain.

Note: When doing this be careful not to flick grease in the direction of your brake rotor!

Muc Off Drivetrain cleaner Australian mountain bike shop For The Riders

In our General, full and Platinum service the For The Riders mechanics go to the lengths of actually removing the chain, cassette, chainring and derailleur from the bike and giving them a working over in our de-greaser bay. This ensures the best possible clean for maximum efficiency and drivetrain life. Check out the before and after photos of proof!

Mountain bike gear servicing Brisbane For The Riders bike shop workshop
A little love can go a long way when it comes to your mountain bike's drivetrain. But when it's so easy to do and has such noticeable results it makes it all worth while!
What to do once your drivetrain is degreased? Take a look at the best lubrication practices for SEQ MTB riding. 

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