New from Yeti 2020 SB165

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Yeti introduced an incredible range of 29" trail bikes last year. But, now we've just seen a serious upgrade to the 27.5" lineup in the form of the new SB165. This bike isn't made for the faint hearted, it wants to be ridden hard, thrown around and launched into the abyss. This bike pushes the envelope of an 'Enduro race bike', playing into the 'Free Ride' and 'Downhill' categories with its superior descending capabilities. 


As the name suggests the SB165 has 165mm of rear travel but surprisingly, designed for a 180mm fork. That combined with a 63.5" degree head angle gives this bike the slackest and longest geometry of any 27.5" trail bike from Yeti. This bike's intentions are clear, it wants to go fast. With all this suspension its safe to say the rough stuff won't be an issue any more. 

Yeti have used their proven 'Switch Infinity' linkage which provides a remarkably supple initial stroke whilst giving riders the pedal platform that they need. The leverage rate of this particular bike has been designed specifically for coil shocks and large volume air shocks. Giving riders more progression in the travel to ensure ample mid stroke support and bottom out resistance is available. 

The new SB165 is backed up with Yeti's lifetime frame warranty. Its great to see Yeti standing by their product and giving riders that extra bit of confidence when investing in such a high end piece of equipment. 

Who's it for?

If you're a downhill or Enduro rider who rides Gap Creek during the week but on the weekend wants to take on fast, rough enduro and DH tracks like Mt Joyce, Toowoomba, Boomerang Farm, etc. this bike is perfect for you. Giving you the option of that relaxed local ride on calmer terrain before coming into its own when the going gets rough. 


Medium and large frames are due in the coming weeks price at RRP$5890. If you're interested in getting your hands this hot model get in contact with the team today. We will also have a large demo bike joining our demo fleet at our Brisbane store, get in touch with our team to be one of the first riders to get their hands on this highly anticipated rig. 

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