3 Ways To Upgrade Your MTB Under $150

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All mountain bikes we offer at For The Riders from our well known MTB brands come with quality parts throughout, so it’s hard to go wrong. However, even though they are fit for purpose there is something enjoyable about being able to change a few things on your mountain bike to really make it your own. More than just getting that matching look you're after you can tailor the feel of the bike to your riding, matching your riding style with the parts on the bike. So if you're looking to do a few tweaks on a stock bike here is FTR's top three places to start. We've chosen these from our wide range of MTB parts and accessories that is second to none to make sure you can get the most out of your wallet to get the most out of your bike.


The difference a good set of grips can make is amazing. As a direct contact point you pick up a change in grip very easily and the right grip can make all the difference to the feel of your bike. A bad grip will have firm, harsh rubber and can lead to increased fatigue through the hands and wrists. Comparatively a good grip will reduce fatigue and increase your comfort while riding. Our current go to grip for most riders is the Sensus Lite Lock On Grip. Using a soft yet highly durable rubber with a unique, tight pattern these are exceptionally comfortable on the longest of rides as they cushion trail impacts extremely well. For those out there with bigger mits check out the Sensus 'Meaty Paw' Lock On Grip. Once again premium quality rubber with a distinct softness to them for added comfort and performance. For The Riders have a huge range of MTB grips available, check them out online or visit us in our Brisbane store.

For The Riders MTB Grips


Building on the contact point theme a good quality handlebar will dull harsh and unsettling vibrations leading to a more controlled ride. Two classic alloy bars that have been proven by world class riders are the Renthal Fatbar and Chromag Fubar OSX. The Renthal Fatbar Alloy Bar has been atop the World Cup podium frequently since its inception. With a 7 degree back sweep and 5 degree rise it provides a comfortable ride and is the bar of choice for many riders. If you're looking for a little more flare in the design department without sacrificing quality the Chromag Fubar OSX Bar is for you. With an 8 degree back sweep and 5 degree rise the OSX ticks all the right boxes. Also available in 35mm clamp. Looking to explore more options or want to go to the top with some carbon bars? Check our our range of MTB Bars online or in our Brisbane Mountain Bike store.


It’s not the most exciting upgrade to make to your bike but the difference a good, fresh set of mountain bike tyres makes is undeniable. With our often dry, loose and dusty Australian climate we ask more from our MTB tyres than most. Furthermore, bikes across the globe are sold with the same set of tyres in wet and miserable England as dry and humid Brisbane so it’s well worth looking into. But, it’s not a one tyre fits all solution. You need to match a tyre with your bike, your riding style, your trails, etc. We have a comprehensive range of Maxxis tyres available with something to match everyone's needs. If you know what you're after already check out the Maxxis tyre range online. Otherwise, get in contact with our team or visit us in store for the right advice to make sure you get the best rubber on your bike to excel your riding.

There you have our three best MTB upgrades to create a custom mountain bike without own without breaking the bank! To see our full range of mountain bike parts and accessories come and see us in our Brisbane MTB store or shop online.

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