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Norco burst onto the E-mountain bike scene with their Sight VLT a few years ago. Fast forward to the present day and they've done it all again with three new designs in Fluid VLT, Sight VLT and Range VLT. We're talking new motors, batteries, geometry, suspension layout and more. Let's not delay and dive straight into the details of the Norco Sight VLT and Norco Range VLT, seeing who and what trails around Brisbane these E-bikes will be best suited to.

Norco Sight VLT

Starting it off with the E-MTB that kick started it all, what does the new Sight VLT have in store for Brisbane MTB riders? 


  • Rear travel: 150mm
  • Front travel: 160mm
  • Wheel Size: 29"
  • Motor: Shimano EP8
  • Battery Size: 504Wh ($1100), 726Wh ($1300) or 900Wh ($1500).
  • Pricing (Ex. Battery): A2 $7,499, A1 $8,699, C2 $9,099, C1 $11,099.


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There's a fair bit new going on here as you can see so we'll break it down. The new Shimano EP8 motor is in there for improved power transfer, efficiency and also lighter than previous generations.

Norco's approach to battery size is a unique one here because, batteries are sold separately, something we're not used to hearing when talking about E-bikes. Why have they done this? Choice. Riders can select between the 504Wh, 726Wh and 900Wh battery depending on their needs. If you're never going to drain a 900Wh battery in one ride then why carry the extra weight? But at the same time if you have an all day epic planned then the 900Wh battery option is there for those who crave it. It's a unique approach but one we can see riders really taking to by being able to pick the perfect battery for their E-biking needs. Both the Shimano EP8 motor and this battery selection option carry over into the Range VLT and Fluid VLT as well.

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Now we've talked about the electric technology behind this bike that will propel you forward on your ride let's talk about the suspension and geometry that will let you control that speed and make the absolute most of it. 

The geometry and fit of the bike once again utilises Norco's 'Ride Aligned' design philosophy which riders have already been raving about on other new Norco models. Bike sizes that are finely tuned for the exact size, no half measures. More than just a reach and wheel base adjustment Norco go to the effort of adjusting the rear centre length and effective seat angle on each size so a large rider on a large bike gets the same feeling as a small rider on a small bike. It makes a whole lot of sense but many other brands are yet to provide this quality of size setup.


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The angles themselves are progressive but not extreme. 64 degrees for the head angle is right where you'd expect it for that mid-long travel E-mountain bike designed to tackle a range of terrain. The wheelbase ranges from 1224mm on the small to a solid 1327mm on the X-large. 

 Norco Sight VLT Brisbane mountain bike shop

150mm of rear travel and 160mm up front matches that do it all category with a bit more squish in case you want to get rowdy. With the new motor shape the shock's position has been altered and now mounts to the top tube. On non e-bikes this would mean a big shift in the bikes centre of gravity however, since the motor and battery remain low on the Sight VLT this effect is largely reduced. The suspension kinematics of the bike are designed specifically for the demands of hard, modern, E-mountain biking with plenty of support through it's travel.

Who's The Norco Sight VLT For?

What is the sum of all these parts? A do it all E-bike that leans slightly on the more aggressive side for those descents. We see this being a great bike for Brisbane mountain bike riders who want to get the most from their E-bike on the varied terrain we have on offer. If you frequent places like Gap Creek, Cornubia, etc. and want a bike that will hold it's own at Mt Joyce and even let you go large at Boomerang Farm Bike Park the Norco Sight VLT is hard to beat. 

Norco Range VLT

Released after the Norco Sight the previous Range VLT was by no means old but, with a new motor out there from Shimano what better excuse to re-design a bike and push those limits even further. 

Norco Range VLT E-Bike buy Brisbane For The Riders electric bike store


  • Rear travel: 170mm
  • Front travel: 180mm
  • Wheel Size: 29"
  • Motor: Shimano EP8
  • Battery Size: 504Wh ($1100), 726Wh ($1300) or 900Wh ($1500).
  • Pricing (Ex. Battery): A2 $7,499, A1 $8,499, C2 $9,099, C1 $10,899.

The main principles and electronic components carry over from the Sight VLT to the Range VLT. You're going to get that flashy Shimano EP8 motor, battery options and dialled 'Ride Aligned' fit on the Range VLT as well. So, what splits them?

The Range VLT is designed to go just that bit harder on the descents. How so? The geometry is better suited to high speed scenarios with a slacker head angle of 63 degrees. The wheelbase is also stretched out at 1232mm for a small and 1336mm for the X-large. These combined with a host of other tweaks will give you the edge of added composure when the speeds get silly and the trails rough.

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The suspension also bumps up from the Sight VLT with 160mm rear / 180mm front on the Range VLT. This combined with the geometry changes will leave riders with no excuse when they're staring down rough, rugged terrain. Supple enough to hold great traction and supported enough for those big hits, Norco have stuck a great balance with this 4-bar linkage driven design. 

Who's The Norco Range VLT For?

If you want an E-bike that you can throw down rough and fast trails without a shadow of doubt the Norco Range VLT is ready to go. Brisbane E-bikers who like to tackle the trails at Castle Hill, Mt Joyce, Toowoomba and even Boomerang Farm Bike Park will relish all that the Range VLT offers.

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Still can't decide between the two? That's understandable when they both look so damn good. If you need some help on figuring out which of these bikes or spec levels will be best for you contact us and our Brisbane E-mountain bike experts will talk you through the options.

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