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If you've been anywhere near the internet in the last 18 months you'd know that Norco has been developing a new bike. But what's it called? where does it fit into the line-up? how much travel does it have? We have all the answers for you now about this new bike from Norco, the Range and it's full speed ahead design.

For The Riders mountain bike shop Brisbane Norco Range

The Specs

  • Rear travel: 170mm
  • Front travel: 170mm
  • Wheel size: 29"
  • Frame construction: carbon

Suspension Design

With that extra pulley wheel sitting above the BB this bike is easily recognisable as a high pivot design. Norco were one of the early adopters of the high pivot  with their Aurum DH bike. Following it's success and many years or development they introduce it to an Enduro bike for the first time. The benefits of a high pivot design? A rearward axle path that lets the wheel move with impacts and out of the way instead of fighting them trying to pull forward over them. Proven on the world cup DH circuit there are an increasing number of brands pursuing a high pivot design.

Norco Range HSP 2022 For The Riders Brisbane MTB store


It's no secret bikes are getting longer and lower but this Norco really goes for it. We're talking a large with a 1285mm wheel base, 20mm bottom bracket drop and 63.25 degree head angle. Norco's 'Ride Aligned' philosophy carries over to this new model with chain stay specific sizes for each bike for a more balanced ride. Taking it one step further though, the head angle also slackens out as the size goes up, increasing the front centre length. 

Norco Range geometry 2022 Brisbane mountain bike shop For The Riders

Who's It For?

Riders who love speed. With patience on the climb to get comfy (as comfortable as possible) and not rush things you'll be rewarded by the ability to unleash on the descent. Slacker than many DH bikes out there the Norco Range will respond best to confident, hard, rider input as you attack the trail on the descent. If you like riding rough SEQ Enduro MTB trails and also want a bike that you can shuttle with comfortably the Norco Range is calling your name. 

Buy Norco Range MTB Brisbane For The Riders mountain bike shop

Pricing and Availability

For The Riders Brisbane mountain bike Shop Norco Range HSP 2022
Norco Range C3 - $6,799.95
Buy Norco Range C2 Brisbane bike shop For The Riders
Norco Range C2 - $7,999.95
By Norco Range c1 Brisbane For The Riders mountain bike shop
Norco Range C1 - $9,999.95
There are three builds all featuring the new frame and a different array of parts to suit depending on your budget, quality and value with every model. We'll see the first of our Norco Range's in the For The Riders Brisbane MTB shop in October and keep seeing intermittent drops of the bikes going into 2022. With the high popularity of this new design we encourage riders who are keen to place pre-orders to ensure you don't miss out.

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