Santa Cruz Bronson Goes Mullet

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Mixed wheel trail bikes aren't an urban legend, they're here, and damn this new Santa Cruz Bronson MX looks good. If you've been thinking of going for a mixed wheel all round trail bike the Bronson might just be what you've been hanging out for. 

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The Details

  • 150mm rear travel
  • Designed for a 160mm fork
  • MX = 27.5" rear wheel, 29" front. XS size is a full 27.5" bike
  • Full carbon frame, alloy links
  • Lifetime warranty on frame, inc. bearings

Why Mixed Wheel 27.5" / 29"?

There are a number of upsides to the mixed wheel setup that riders will get to enjoy on the new Bronson. That light, lively rear end feeling, being able to rip the bike through turns like nothing else and change lines with ease. However there will also be a few drawbacks like the fact you will loose a little bit of that rolling efficiency the full 29" platform has. To learn more about the pros and cons of MX bikes check out our article here.

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The new Bronson once again embraces the lower link driven VPP design. The term 'don't fix it if it's not broken' comes to mind when looking at the design in compared to the old Bronson. However, Santa Cruz have taken this chance to make some acute but effective adjustments to the Bronson's suspension kinematics. The new Bronson is designed to climb better than ever without sacrificing and performance on the descent and, by all reports has achieved exactly this.

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Not just a 29" bike that can take a 27.5" rear wheel, this is a purpose build MX wheel bike with the geometry to match. The 64.7/64.5 degree head angle (depending on Hi/Lo setting) really hits the sweet spot for riders that like a bike to be fast and zippy in the turns but hold it's nerve at the high speeds Enduro race trails can reach now. The bottom bracket is adjustable between a 10mm and 29m drop depending on your preference. The lower BB setting will drop the centre of gravity for extra stability and confidence in high speed turns while the higher BB setting will make the bike more playful. Like other recent Santa Cruz bikes the new Bronson MX chain stays lengths are now size dependent, scaling up with the larger front centre as frame sizes increases. It sounds simple but many bikes do not offer this feature which leads to a more balanced ride. For full geometry details please see below and please note, the XS is a full 27.5" bike.

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Who's It For?

So what Brisbane mountain bikers should actually be considering throwing a leg over the new Santa Cruz Bronson MX? Mountain bikers who have been looking for that mid-long travel bike that can still make it's way up the climbs should be really excited about this offering. Typically these longer travel bikes will feel a bit dull on mellow terrain but, with a 27.5" rear wheel the Bronson has a bit of added zest to keep you entertained. This bike will be at home on anything from Ironbark / Gap Creek to Mt Joyce and Boomerang Farm. The new Santa Cruz Bronson is that mid-long travel bike but more all rounded than ever, ready to both rip and play on the descents. 

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Pricing and Availability

There's no hiding it, Santa Cruz bikes are a premium product and come with a premium price tag to match. CC carbon Frames with a Rock Shox Super Deluxe Ultimate come in at $6,249 and complete C carbon bikes with an 'R' level build kit at $8,499. Although these are more expensive than some other premium brands / builds this is one of the first examples of MY22 pricing that we've seen. We expect the whole bicycle market will have a potential price rise for MY22 stock with the increased cost in raw materials and shipping more severe than ever.

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We're expecting our first frames to arrive at the Brisbane MTB shop in August / September, stock is limited so we do suggest you contact us swiftly if you're looking to get on one of these slick new Santa Cruz bikes.

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