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Norco Range VLT E-Bike is E-Live

Norco nailed it with their first dual suspension E-BIke the Sight VLT but, they've taken things up a notch with their new Range VLT. It's bigger, badder and more daring than the Sight VLT, ready for the rider that wants to push the limits of not what an E-bike can do but of what any bike can do.

Norco Range VLT E-Bike Brisbane For The Riders

The Range VLT E carbon frame has 170mm rear travel matched to a 180mm fork. Combined with a 63.5 degree head angle and 1263mm wheel base (large) on 27.5" wheelse we weren't kidding when we said this is one big, bad, bike ready to go fast. With a 630Wh in tube battery (500Wh on C3 model) and the option to add a 360Wh range extender why wouldn't you go big when climbing can be made that easy with such a long battery life? 

Norco Range VLT E-Bike Brisbane For The Riders

Model Highlight

The Range VLT E-Bike comes in three great spec options to suit various price points. The Range VLT C3 starts at RRP $7,499, C2 model RRP $8,699 and the top of the range model is RRP $9,499. All bikes offer quality parts and when you consider the large battery and carbon fibre frame construction great value for money as well. However, the C2 at $8,699 has really grabbed our attention.

Norco Range VLT E-Bike Brisbane For The Riders

Suspension is always a critical part of the bike to get right and Norco have nailed it with this one. The Fox 36 Performance Elite Grip 2 fork has a wide range of valuable adjustments to get the front end feeling just right. Matched with the adjustable coil Fox DHX2 Performance Elite rear shock and the bikes suspension has great potential. Adjustments can be daunting to some riders, we understand this and we're always here to help you fine tune these settings and also include a suspension setup with the sale of the bike. Slowing down will be handled by the powerful Sram Code R brakes whilst the Sram NX eagle drive train has proved to be effective on Norco's Sight VLT. Combine these parts with this sleek, modern carbon Norco Range VLT frames and it's one amazing bit of kit. 

Who's it for?

If you're looking to tackle the ugliest descents and most challenging Brisbane mountain bike trails with that rapid E-bike climb to the top the Norco Range VLT is ready and waiting. With such long travel and slack numbers you'll struggle to find any track this bike can't ride. With that motorised pedal assist for the climbs many E-bikes are going for the big travel E-bikes without hesitation to get the edge when descending. However, if you're after a more zippy, nimble E-bike experience that will still be competent on rough terrain the Norco Sigh VLT could be more suited to you. Talk to our sales team and we'll match you with the right E-mountain bike for your riding or better yet, compare the two with our demo fleet. 


The Norco Range VLT E-bikes will be available in October. If you'd like to get your hands on one of the first Norco Range VLT E-bikes in Australia make sure you get in contact with us now, these will be hot sellers! We've also got a large C3 model on order for our demo fleet so you can take one for yourself and see how great these bikes are yourself.


Norco Range VLT E-Bike Brisbane For The Riders

Norco Range VLT C1 - RRP $9,499.00

Norco Range VLT E-Bike Brisbane For The Riders

Norco Range VLT C3 - $7,499.00