Oakley Prizm Lenses For Mountain Biking

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When it comes to mountain biking, our eyes are undoubtedly our most precious organ. If we can’t see, it becomes pretty difficult to ride so it makes sense that we would want to protect them whilst on the bike. But glasses aren’t just about protection! They can also enhance our vision and so too our performance.

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Aside from providing us the amazing sense of vision, our eyes can differentiate between 10 million colours, allow us to see objects moving in various light conditions and deliver light and depth perception. However, as incredible as they are, they can sometimes miss things – particularly when moving at high speeds down a winding trail. So how can glasses help us pick up the things we sometimes miss? Enter: Oakley’s Prizm Lens Technology.

What is Prizm and how does it work?

Prizm is an innovative lens technology developed by Oakley, designed to enhance colour and contrast where the eye is most sensitive to detail. By sharpening visual perception and increasing clarity the lenses enhance colour recognition and define features in specific environments through boosted contrast. This helps to optimise our reaction time to important moving objects or changes to the surrounding environment. Oakley achieved this innovation by utilizing hyperspectral imaging to help analyse light in real-world environments. After identifying patterns and light conditions throughout a wide variety of conditions, Oakley were able to scientifically engineer a lens dye that significantly boosts light quality and reduces glare.

How are they different to other lenses?

Traditional lenses force us to make a compromise between the colours we want to see in an environment and the other colours that interfere with our perception. Prizm works to filter out light that interferes with our vision, while emphasizing the colours necessary for optimal performance. And whilst most present-day lenses are made of polycarbonate, Prizm lenses use an exceptionally impact resistant, higher-grade polycarbonate known as Plutonite. Oakley’s method of adding dyes to liquified Plutonite provides a higher manufacturing quality as it means the lenses never fade overtime nor can any added UV protection be scratched off because it is infused in the lens.

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On The MTB Trail

What does all this fancy eyewear tech mean when you're ripping down your local MTB trail? By reducing that unwanted light which blurs your vision and increasing the contrast in critical areas you can more easily pick out the right line, avoiding the necessary rocks and roots for a faster ride. This is especially important in Australia as our canopy can be thin, causing flickering light in the shadows when mountain biking down the trail, distracting riders eyes. You also get the benefits of having the win blocked from your eyes allowing you to focus on objects without drying up. Dust and debris is also kept out allowing for clearer, safer vision. 

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If you're looking to experience the Prizm difference you can check out our range of Oakley Glasses online or in store, For a limited time you'll even score 20% off!

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