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The Pivot Shuttle would have to be one of, if not our favourite E-bike so naturally we're more than a little excited to present to you the new Pivot Shuttle featuring a host of cool updates. Naturally being one of the latest E-Bikes to hit the market the Shuttle gets an EP8 motor upgrade but there is more than that to get excited about.

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The reason we had so much love for the original Pivot Shuttle was the way it descended... like a normal long travel mountain bike. Bunny hopping the bike felt natural and fluent which translated into a bike that was easy to manoeuvre on the trail, ripping through corners and over obstacles. We're confident that all of these traits have been maintained with an 'evolution' of their current frame design going from strength to strength and not losing the original character of the bike.


It's a refinement of an already impressive setup when it comes to the geometry of the Shuttle. The BB height drops 5mm, keeping the weight of the bike low and planted. The chainstays extend a mere 3mm while the head angle sits at 64.3 degrees, .9 degrees slacker. These aren't huge adjustments and they don't need to be, Pivot are simply making a great E-Bike even greater. 

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Pivot utilise the famous DW-Link suspension platform across all of their dual suspension models and this E-bike receives the same first class linkage design. Naturally it has been modified for it's E-bike application so that riders are not only making the most of that motor on the climbs but have a bike that descends with poise as well. This means that the linkage adequately accounts for the added weight of the E-bike and remains high in it's travel, holding traction well wile not blowing through it's suspension unnecessarily. The Shuttle V2 even gets the incredible new Fox 38 Factory series fork and Fox Factory rear shock, class leading suspension components for a class leading bike. 

Motor / Battery

There's not point having the best E-bike design in the world if the motor and battery technology is poor and holding things back. Luckily the Pivot Shuttle is decked out in all the right gear with the superior new Shimano EP8 motor and a 726Wh battery to match. The EP8 is the real deal being lighter, quieter and having greater power than it's predecessor. Furthermore you can also tune the engine modes to get more / less output. We see this as a huge benefit allowing riders to give them optimal output for their local Australian MTB trails and the length of their ride, maximising the charge that huge 726Wh battery gives you.

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Pricing / Availability

These bikes are spec'd out to the max. We're talking full Factory series Fox suspension featuring the new Fox 38 fork, Shimano XTR, DT Swiss E-Bike specific wheels and more. Matched with a full carbon frame, Shimano EP8 motor and 726Wh battery it's hard to find a better E-bike than this one. This does come at a price tag of $15,999.95. It's far more than a bit of pocket change but when you take a step back, look at what you're getting, and compare it to the competition you'll see it's a very attractive option. Arriving late January 2021 get in quick to pre-order now.

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Who's It For?

If you love mountain biking and the feel of a long travel bike but also want to get to the top of those tough climbs with ease then the Pivot Shuttle is screaming your name. The purest mountain biking performance than an E-bike can deliver with an amazing build kit that ensures this bike is crisp and fast.

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