Signs Your MTB Tyre Needs replacing

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Mountain bikers all too often get in the habit of riding a worn out tyre that can lead to a dangerous loss of grip and / or greater risk of a flat tyre that will ruin any ride. Almost just as important, you;re slower with worn tyres as well! So when is it time to replace your mountain bike tyres? We share with you three signs that indicate it's time for new rubber and more grip!

1. Side Knob Tear

Your centre knobs may be looking healthy but when you're leaning the bike over in those critical points of the turn you're actually relying on your side knobs. When worn your side knobs tear and although they might look chunky still at a glance these tears will leave you with minimal support in those turns. 

Worn mountain bike tyre replacement

Worn mountain bike tyre replacement

2. Sidewall Wear

When looking at a tyre we so often focus on the tread to tell us how the tyre is wearing however, the sidewall plays a critical part in the performance of a tyre. A worn out tyre wall will feel soft and unstable in corners, it will also be more prone to punctures! A clear way to see if your sidewall is worn is when you see an 'X' pattern across the sidewall, sometimes exposing threads of the tyre. You don't have to panic and buy a new tyre like your life depends on it but this is another sign that you're riding with a worn, compromised tyre which needs attention. 

3. Centre Knob Wear

The easiest to identify of them all, a worn down centre tread. It's easy to identify looking at the tyre but what changes will this have on your riding? Slowing down will take longer and you'll have less control when braking. Taking longer to slow down ultimately makes for a slower ride all round, adding those precious seconds you try so hard to get rid of!

Worn mountain bike tyre replacement

There you have it, three signs you could benefit from a fresh mountain bike tyre on your bike. We carry a great range of Maxxis and Goodyear MTB tyres that will see you right, if you're curious about tyre choice check out our Maxxis and Goodyear tyre features or talk to our team today!

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