Goodyear Mountain Bike Tyres Hit Australia

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Goodyear rubber is world famous having secured many a championship title in motor sport however their first ever tyre was a bicycle tyre. The latest Good Year mountain bike tyres have now arrived on Australian shores we've spent some time riding them and have the tyres ready to roll in store. So, what should you expect from a Goodyear MTB tyre and how do you decipher the Goodyear terminology?

Goodyear Newton Mountain Bike Tyre Buy Australia For The Riders

Newton / Newton ST

We've got a range of the Newton and Newton ST model tyres available, what's the difference? The Newton tyre's centre knobs are designed for good rolling speed while also offering enough meat to sink in and provide braking traction when needed. The Newton's side knobs are dependable with good arches for support when leaning the tyre, this gives you a more predictable feel with less 'squirming'. 

Goodyear Newton Mountain Bike Tyre Buy Australia

The Newton ST knobs are bigger and burlier than it's Newton brother for extra bite in loose terrain. The side knobs also feature great support with arched braces for a consistent feel. Although rolling resistance is always considered grip is the absolute priority with this tread design!

Goodyear Newton Mountain Bike Tyre Buy Australia

Together the pair make a great combination for Endruo and DH racers looking to get plenty of grip on our challenging Australian MTB terrain. The Newton ST holds a line with confidence and finds traction well in turns up front. Following on the rear the Newton rolls like other comparable gravity tyres on the market and still bites in for sharp braking performance. For riders looking for the best grip go for a Newton ST front and back or, for a more trail orientated setup that is faster rolling a Newton front and rear will do the trick.

Ultimate and Premium

A Goodyear Ultimate tyre is made with a higher thread count (120 TPI) to keep weight low while also providing a softer tyre for enhanced grip. The Premium range has a lower thread count (60 TPI) with more rubber in the construction. This leads to a slightly firmer tyre that doesn't have the same grip as the Ultimate series but will last longer for those riders who are hard on their gear. 

Buy Goodyear mountain bike tyres Australia For The Riders MTB store

EN or DH?

A Goodyear 'EN' tyre is a MTB tyre optimised for Enduro riding and the 'DH' for DH. So what's the difference? The EN tyre is slightly lighter and comes in the 'R/T' compound. The R/T compound gives riders good grip while not being so soft that it wears out too fast due to the extensive km's Enduro riders put in. This will be the go to option for most Enduro / trail riding around Brisbane and beyond. The 'DH' version is a tad heavier, has greater puncture resistance and a more solid, sturdy side wall. What is going to be potentially most appealing to riders is that the DH tyre comes in the 'RS/T' compound. This compound is the softest they make and although wearing faster than the 'R/T' compound gives you the best grip Goodyear can provide!

Buy Goodyear mountain bike tyres Australia For The Riders MTB store

On The Trails

All technical mumbo jumo aside, how do the new Goodyear mountain bike tyres handle our Australian terrain? Initial reports are in and things are looking good! Cam from Dirt Skills has been putting a set through the paces and has come back with positive feedback and put a set on his latest bike. 

Harry's first impression 'The Goodyear Newton (rear) and Newton ST (front) roll well yet have good grip on loose over hard packed terrain, commonly found on our Brisbane mountain bike trails.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about try a set for yourself, available online or in store. 

Buy Goodyear mountain bike tyres Australia For The Riders MTB store

Riding images kingly supplied by G_Imagery

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