New Yeti SB115

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The Yeti that many riders have been begging for, the SB115. 29" wheels, 115mm rear travel, 130mm fork, a rapid trail bike to say the least. 


This bike is designed to be nimble, agile and exciting to ride. A 67.6 degree head angle ensures things are snappy up front while a 436.7mm chain stay evens things out and lets riders put plenty of power down on the climbs with a balanced feel holding traction well. The BB height hovers around 339mm and a reach of 450.6mm on a large are both reasonable numbers for such a bike. It's not as long or as slack as many new age short travel 29" bike, but that's not a bad thing! Not every rider is after a 115mm travel shrunken downhill bike. The SB115 keeps things lively and agile, exactly what many riders are looking for in a thrilling short travel 29" bike. 

Yeti SB115 Geometry Australian MTB For The Riders


Yeti's crown jewel in suspension technology, the 'switch infinity' linkage, is tucked in discretely within the seat tube, covered from the elements. The 115mm rear travel will feature that trademark Yeti feeling, active when it needs to be but letting riders apply more pedal power than almost any other linkage on the market. The 130mm of travel up front lets riders push that little bit harder on the descents and get away with a little bit more. It's got that XC like pedal platform balanced out with an almost SB130 eagerness to attack the terrain. 

Yeti SB115 For The Riders Brisbane mountain bike store

Who's It For?

If you enjoy clocking up the km's at places like Daisy Hill, Bay View, Cornubia and Gap Creek, thriving on the climbs but still enjoying the descents, the Yeti SB115 is right up your alley. It's the kind of bike that enables you to really get the most out of the varied terrain we have here locally that requires reasonable pedalling to maintain pace. Where other bigger, longer bikes will feel dull and lethargic on the trails the Yeti SB115 will be lively and exciting to ride.

Yeti SB115 For The Riders mountain bike store


So what's the new dream machine going to set you back? Frames are $5500 including a Fox Float Factory rear shock. Completes start at $8,800. If the SB115 is ticking the boxes as your next dream bike have a chat to our team today and we'll turn the dream into a reality.

Buy Yeti SB115 Brisbane For The Riders mountain bike store

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