MTB Tubeless Repairs On The Go

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That fatal 'hiss' when you're mountain biking. More often than not it's a puncture not a king brown but neither are desirable right now. You're at the furthest point from your car and at risk of a long walk back, how do you repair your tubeless mountain bike tyre and escape? Dynaplugs.

Dynaplug racer repair kit Australian mountain bike store For The riders

Dynaplugs are a simple, effective solution to small punctures in your tubeless tyre that sealant just won't fix. As the name suggests these are small plugs, made out of rubber that have a brass tip for easy, effective installation. When installed correctly these plugs will not only get you riding again but last the lifetime of your tyre. This has the potential to save you lots of money on tyres in the long run! To see how the plugs are used check out the video below from Dynaplug with a rather extreme puncture repair. 

Coming in a variety of options Dynaplug has something for every rider. We've been really impressed with the new 'Dynaplug Carbon Racer' model. It's super light, has the basics that racers will need for a no-fuss repair and doesn't cost the world. Being so small and light there's no added hassle when taking this riding yet it can be all so valuable at that critical moment!

Dynaplug racer repair kit Australian mountain bike store For The riders

Our local trails in Brisbane and across Australia often feature rocky terrain which is particularly abrasive to mountain bike tyres. As such the Dynaplug system is very attractive for local MTB riders. It's worth noting that although these are great tools you still need to make sure that the tubeless sealant in your tyre hasn't dried out and they can't seal large holes. In the instance of a larger tyre slash a good old fashioned tube is what you'll need. 

Check out our range of Dynaplug tools and refills here

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