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We're proud to introduce our Brisbane mountain bike customers to the latest way that they can pick up a new bike from For The Riders, 'Studio 19' rentals. Studio 19 rentals gives you the chance to get on a new ride for an exceptionally low weekly 'rental rate' with a minimum rental period of just six months. If you're looking to get on a bike that was previously out of your price range or are the kind of rider who wants to always ride the latest and greatest gear this is the program for you.


The Studio 19 rental program is very flexible letting riders rent a bike for a minimum of just six months. After six months is up the rider can stop their rental when they like or keep renting for a maximum of 36 months. You also have the option to buy the bike from Studio 19 during your rental should you want to hold onto the bike for longer!

Riders looking to always be on the newest bike can constantly be on the newest models without the hassle of re-sale and depreciation, simply cancel your rental after six months and then organise a new rental contract with a new bike! The best way to stay on fresh and state of the art MTB technology. 


So just how affordable is 'Studio 19' mountain bike rentals with For The Riders MTB store? Let's take a look at the Giant Trance 29" 3 bike, with a retail price of $3,499.95 you can take this to the trails for just $38.54 per week! Give up that coffee addiction and you've probably covered the cost of a renting a brand new Giant Trance 29".

Buy Giant trance 29 bike Brisbane Studio 19 rental

Looking for a carbon Enduro bike that's ready to rip? Let's check out the Norco Sight C1 29". A full race ready Enduro bike that is ready for anything you are has a RRP of $8399.95 but you can get on it for $93 a week. That's a top of the line carbon Enduro bike for $93 a week.

Buy Norco Sight mountain bike Brisbane Studio 19 For The Riders FTR

Maybe you're looking for a bike that is simply faultless from one of the most renowned brands in mountain biking? Try the Santa Cruz Bronson C S bike. The stunning full carbon frame backed with a lifetime warranty and kitted out by parts from leading manufacturers this bike is the envy of many. With a RRP of $9,249.95 you can be heading to your local trails with this fresh ride for $102.46 per week.

mountain bike Brisbane Studio 19 For The Riders FTR

 Warranty, Parts, Etc.

You'll be pleased to know that the bike is still covered by the appropriate manufacturers warranty so you can ride with absolute confidence. As for breakages not covered under warranty (e.g. crashes, rock strikes) you'll just need to make sure you replace the broken part with the same one. The same goes for custom modifications, if you want to deck your bike out in some sweet custom kit while you're riding it that's great and encouraged. Just make sure when the bike is returned at the end of the rental period that the original parts are back on there. You can then take your custom parts to your next bike if you like.

Want to know more or start a rental?

If you're looking to lock in that new bike with a Studio 19 rental or learn more about the program contact our friendly staff or drop by our Brisbane mountain bike store for a chat! 

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