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We Are One Composites 'Da Package' Review

We Are One have taken a very different approach to your mountain bike bar and stem. In a collaboration with German 77 Designz We Are One set out to not only make a strong bar / stem but one of premium ride quality that would be super light, quite the task. After extensive lab and bike testing we have it, the Canadian made 'Da Package' bar and stem combo.

We Are One Da Package Australian Review For The Riders

The Tech

The most unique part of this design is that this setup uses a shim between the bar and stem, We Are One's 'Anti-crimp sleeve'. This disperses the clamping force of the stem whilst also increasing surface area for the clamp to ensure a strong, secure hold. With this extra surface area and forces dispersed it allows We Are One to make a light yet exceptionally strong handlebar with the setup surpassing DH standards and German EFBE testing. The stem is a one piece aluminium construction to not only keep weight low but maximise strength. It's nice to see such a new, innovative approach to design but the proof is and always will be in the ride.

We Are One Da Package Australian Review For The Riders

The Ride

Coming off another high end carbon bar / alloy stem setup of the same length stem and similar sweep bars I honestly didn't expect to feel a huge change in ride characteristics yet, I did. Steering was precise and accurate at all times with a confident and controlled response as I pointed the bike on its intended path. The 8 degree back sweep and 5 degree up sweep are somewhat common now and offer a comfortable angle for most riders.

What was most impressive though was the smooth, subtle ride quality the bars had, trail impacts and vibrations were greatly reduced. Whether it was on short, rough, runs or alpine descents my arms / hands were better off than ever. We Are One's unique approach has certainly paid off when it comes to rider feel.

We Are One Da Package Australian Review For The Riders

The Verdict

With a very minimalist and understated look the performance of the product speaks for itself. Simply the smoothest and most comfortable bar stem combination I've ever ridden. At $499.95 it is one of the more expensive cockpit's on the market however, the ride feel and quality construction of 'Da Package' easily justifies the cost. 

Check out 'Da Package' here.

We Are One Da Package Australian Review For The Riders