The Best Brake Pads for Australian Mountain biking

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Pizza or pasta? Coke or Pepsi? Metal or organic brake pads? It's hard to choose, let us clear the air on this one. If you've invested in some quality disc brakes you're going to want to make sure you're getting the most out of them and a simple pad change can make all the difference to some riders.

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Organic Brake Pads

Organic brake pads are often refereed to as 'resin' pads as they are made from fibres and organic materials held together by resin. The organic pads have a softer compound than their metal counterparts which leads to a few advantages. 

Best brake pads for Australian MTB conditions For The Riders Brisbane mountain bike shop


  • Shorter break-in time
  • Wears brake rotors less
  • Quieter than metal pads



  • Brake pads wear quicker
  • Fade on bigger descents
  • Weak in wet / muddy conditions


    For some riders these cons will stand out as clear red flags for their riding needs. If you're doing bigger descents and building up heat within your brake system or riding with wet brakes the organic pad performance will dramatically deteriorate. 

    Metal Brake Pads

    The metal brake pads (also called sintered pads) are made from tough metallic ingredients making them very hard. Metal pads are the go to brake pad for mountain bike racers in Australia and around the world for their distinct performance advantages. 

    Best brake pads for Australian MTB conditions For The Riders Brisbane mountain bike shop


    • Long lasting
    • Perform well in the wet
    • Operate better at higher temperatures than organic brake pads



      • Louder
      • Longer break-in time required
      • Wears brake rotors quicker


        Offering far more consistent performance than organic pads the metal pads aren't without some minor draw backs.

        The Verdict

        Like most things in life your choice of break pad will come with some level of compromise. Organic brake pads are good for riders who don't brake hard enough to build up much heat in the brake system or ride in fair conditions e.g. the casual XC rider. However, for most Australian mountain bike riders the best brake pad compound will be metal due to their proven performance in various conditions. There are some notable cons to metal pads however these are not directly performance related. You can still get a KOM on your local trail with slightly louder brakes but its harder to get that KOM with brakes that are fading in the heat or in the rain! 

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