The Norco Shore Returns

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When riders were pushing the limits of freeride mountain biking on the 'North Shore' of Vancouver they needed a bike that would allow them to push harder, jump further and ultimately evolve the sport. This inspired Norco to create the 'Shore' model which would quickly turn into an iconic bike for passionate freeride mountain bikers. Absent from their line-up for sometime now the Shore returns on 27.5" wheels with an imposing presence that screams freeride, big and fast. 

Norco Shore Suspension Setup

The Norco Shore has a unique suspension setup utilising a high pivot point for a rearward axle path and a lower idler. The lower idler greatly reduces the pedal feedback when the bike moves through it's initial wheel path allowing for a more composed ride. Just how much suspension is there? 180mm in the rear with a 180mm fork on the A2 and A1 models while the A1 park edition has a 190mm Boxxer fork. 180mm is a serious amount of travel letting riders go extra big on those jumps with the composure to ride out of heavy landings.

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Norco Shore Geometry

The Norco Shore utilises Norco's 'Ride Aligned' geometry concept which gives riders a bike that fits exactly as intended in both geometry and suspension. This is evident in the way the rear centre length actually increases with each size, a simple design execution that many manufacturers neglect. The head tube angle comes in at a slack 63 degrees while the wheelbase of a large is 1286mm. Slacker and longer than most bikes on the market it's easy to see this bike is all about pushing the limits.

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Norco Shore A2 Bike For The Riders MTB Shop Brisbane


Norco Shore A2 - RRP $5,599.95

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Norco Shore A1 - RRP $7,199.95

Norco Shore mountain bike Brisbane For The riders MTB shop

Norco Shore A1 Park Edition - $5,799.95

Who's It For?

The Shore is an exceptionally unique bike but there are many riders out there in South East QLD who have been waiting for a bike just like this. If you ride DH tracks and Boomerang Farm bike park on the weekend and want a bike that won't hold you back yet, still ride around with your mates in Brisbane during the week, the Shore A1 and A2 models with their twelve speed drivetrain are perfect. For those in search of the perfect park bike for all out descending and jumping the Park edition is ready to take the thrashing you're going to give it, letting you go faster and higher than before. 

If you'd like to know more check out the Norco Shore range here. These bikes are in high demand with limited availability, contact For The Riders today to secure one!

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