What is BORRA and why should you support them?

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Put simply, BORRA is the 'Brisbane Off Road Riders Association'. But, what is the association? why was it formed? should you support them? Let us give you the run down. 

First things first, BORRA is a not-for-profit organisation designed purely to benefit Brisbane mountain bikers, how so? When looking to create new mountain bike tracks to cater for our growing riding community a lot of pieces need to fall into place between us mountain bikers and other stakeholders. It's a very complicated process but, this is why we now have BORRA to help.

BORRA Brisbane mountain bike advocacy group

BORRA will provide a united front for mountain bikers when dealing with community stakeholders so that us, Brisbane mountain bikers, needs are fairly addressed. This includes but is not limited to the creation of new mountain bike trails. BORRA have an exciting plan of what can be achieved within the Brisbane region that would have immense health, social and economic benefits for the community. We're excited to see the ongoing development for such a worthy cause.

So, should you support them? Well, if you like mountain biking in Brisbane and want to ride top quality trails it's a no brainer isn't it? The best way to support BORRA is to become a member, this is completely free. Membership numbers are a great way for BORRA to show the demand for increased facilities when negotiating with stakeholders. More members, more trails! 

It's great to see a unified approach to Brisbane mountain bike trail development and we're excited to see what BORRA achieves in the future!

BORRA Brisbane mountain bike trails

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