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What Makes Yeti, Yeti?

Yeti cycles is an integral part of ‘For The Riders’. Working with brands like Yeti is what we are all about. Brands creating great bikes through their intense, obsessive and outright addiction for bikes. Since its birth Yeti has constantly pushed the limits of suspension technologies, geometry and made damn fast bikes.  


In 1985 mountain biking was still a new sport, finding its feet in the world. It was then that Yeti was born, playing a significant role in shaping what mountain biking has become today. From it’s early day Yeti’s design input and inspiration came from the race track. The knowledge they gained from this R & D testing on the race track quickly put them at the forefront of the sport. Outpacing some of the biggest, most established bike companies in both production and design. 

Yeti’s prowess grew and was catching a lot of attention. Unsurprisingly some of this attention came from the big players in the industry. In 1995 ‘Schwinn Bicycles’ purchased ‘Yeti Cycles’ to utilise their innovative designs and inject much needed cash flow. This cash flow enabled Yeti to push their designs even further however the corporate world started to take over and Schwinn lost touch of what Yeti really was. As a result a few select core employees positioned themselves to take Yeti bake to the core brand it is.  

Now once again under their own steam Yeti we're returning to their labour of love. Race worthy designs and race winning titles. All off the back of hard work. This was combined with riders who just freakishly loved bikes, like the employees themselves. The Yeti ‘Tribe’ movement was created and still exists today.  

To this day, Yeti are still at the the pinnacle of the sport. Their racing heritage continues to grow with EWS wins in the hands of Jared Graves and Richie Rude whilst the ‘Tribe’ of bike obsessed Yeti fans provides a unique community of riders. Yeti bikes made today are still pushing the boundaries of what is possible, just as they did in 1985. 

Linkage – Switch Infinity 

A clear distinguishing factor of a modern Yeti dual suspension bikes is their ‘Switch Infinity’ linkage. More than just a marketing term, this linkage is unique and to the external eye looks like dark magic. The ‘translating pivot’ switches direction as the bike moves through it’s travel. This gives riders an amazing pedalling platform as Yeti have utilized the anti-squat characteristics to their advantage. As the bike gets deeper in it’s travel it gets more forgiving. Allowing riders to go hard, fast and far with complete confidence in the bike.  


The modern breed of Yeti bikes has been a hit with racers, reviewers, riders and FTR staff. The 29’er range featuring the SB100, SB130, SB150 being the most in demand bikes. Now backed by a lifetime warranty, if youre after a high end boutique bike from a true ‘Rider Driven’ brand that is sure to please talk to us about riding a Yeti today.