Why Ride an E-Bike?

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E-bikes are here to stay and for good reason. Undeniably there was a fair bit of resistance from traditional mountain bikers when these first came around, it was all too much to take in. But, now everyone has seen more of them… how good are they?! We’ve got more people mountain biking and having fun than ever before which everyone should be excited about. So, why ride an E-bike?

E-mountain bike Brisbane For The Riders Norco E-bike

More Riding

There is more to it than, ‘it just makes life easier’. You’re not going on your normal MTB ride at Gap Creek or Bunya in half the time. Rather, your riding longer, getting more descents and finishing in the same time as normal. That’s if you’re not hooked and going for big E-bike adventures with this new-found super power you have.

The big question riders ask is, is it still a work out? Absolutely. E-bikes are pedal assist, you’re not just twisting a throttle. This means if you want the electronic help you’ve got to be turning those cranks over. On top of this you can choose the power output available on your E-bike. If you’ve got a big ride ahead or are looking to burn a few extra calories stick to ‘Eco’ mode. On the other hand, going out for a quick ride but want to maximize your time? Increase your E-bikes power output and away you go. The Norco Sight VLT has a 630Wh battery and when ridden on steep terrain climbed 1400m of elevation on one charge in maximum power output ‘Boost Mode’. Impressive stuff!

Norco E-mountain bike brisbane For The Riders Sight Reign

Descending Performance

We’ve talked all about how good these things are going up but, 83.7892548% of us enjoy a descent a lot more than a climb. So, how do these big heavy bikes go when pointed down? Surprisingly well. When we see the big weights of E-bikes people think they are just going to be big heavy pigs that are a complete buzz kill.

Norco range mountain E-bike for the riders Brisbane

However, the extra weight combined with the bigger tyres enables the bike to track and hold a line incredibly well instead of getting bounced and pushed around. This is the most common feedback we get from riders who start E-biking, the traction in the rough is next level! The draw back of this extra weight? Slowing it down. You’ll need to consider that your E-bike is potentially 5kg+ heavier than your current trail bike and will need to brake accordingly. Manufacturers have realised this and most E-bikes are spec’d with the right brakes for the job.

Giant E-Bikes Brisbane Reign E+ For The Riders

 Its Still Not For Everyone

Although new, exciting, and stupid amounts of fun, E-Bikes aren't for everyone and I'm not selling all my push bikes to replace them with an E-bike. There is something rewarding about earning your turns with hard earned sweat on a steep climb that makes them feel extra special. An E-Bike also won't descend like a normal mountain bike, they don't have the same lively zip that a normal mountain bike does. If you thrive on this pure mountain biking experience then just keep doing what you're doing, don't change a good thing!

Giant Reign E Mountain Bike Brisbane For The Riders E-bikes

If you’re excited about these cool new E-bikes get in contact with us today and we can answer any questions and discuss your options. With E-bikes available from Giant and Norco come down to our store to see them in the flesh or check out our E-bike range online.

For The Riders Giant Mountain Bike Brisbane E-Bike Reign E+

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