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It's not secret mountain bikers are afraid.... or more like terrified of change. The Trust linkage fork is a big change but, there is reasons for this change and brains behind it. The brain belongs to Dave Weagle, think Iron Horse Sunday, Evil, Ibis, Pivot, Devinci suspension linkage designs and more. The man knows a thing or two about a linkage. Applying this knowledge to a Linkage fork the 'Trust Performance' brand is born.

Trust Linkage Fork For The Riders Brisbane mountain bike store

The big question that's going through your head right now, why? Well there are some distinct advantages that come into play with a linkage fork. Firstly, due to the axle path of the linkage design the bike will better maintain its geometry and hold speed. Your head angle won't dramatically steepen like on a traditional fork as the bike goes through its travel, allowing the rider greater control and stability. Stiffness of the carbon fibre Trust performance forks chassis is also far greater than traditional forks, further adding to the control and stability.

Now it's normally easy to sit back and shoot down a new, strange idea but there is no denying these forks are making a big impression on riders. The forks have been out for long enough to get under more than a few bikes now, Trust's sales have far exceeded their forecasts and riders and reviews are raving about the product. 

Trust Linkage Fork For The Riders Brisbane mountain bike store


There are two model of the Trust linkage forks currently available, the Message (110mm - 140mm) and Shout (160mm - 180mm) both available in boost spacing.  Hidden inside the carbon chassis of each model is an air spring and damper allowing you to adjust the fork to your weight and riding conditions, maximising the performance benefits. Pick your fork model depending on your travel requirements, setup the air pressure / damper and you're ready to rip. Just like any other fork right? With a RRP of $3,299.95 there is no shying away from the fact these forks are a considerable investment. But with all the raving feedback on these forks, advanced technology and quality carbon build if there was a fork that warranted such a price it is the Trust. 


For a strictly limited time For The Riders Brisbane store will have Trust forks fitted to two of our demo bikes for riders to try. The Trust Message will be fitted to the Santa Cruz Tallboy and the Trust Shout to the Santa Cruz Megatower from the January 23rd to February 7th. These bikes are available to book online here, standard demo rates apply. However, if you love the Trust linkage fork so much you purchase one we'll take the cost of the demo off the purchase price. Talk to our sales team for more information.

Trust Linkage Fork For The Riders Brisbane mountain bike store

Change is hard yet the Trust linkage forks present a worthy argument for it. A tonne of technology and research have gone into these forks and when we stop and think about it, it actually makes sense. We're excited to offer our customers the unique Trust performance experience and all the benefits that go with it. 

Find out more information on the Trust linkage mountain bike fork on their website.

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