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So you've been getting out and having some fun mountain biking across Brisbane / South East QLD. Happy with how your riding has progressed you're ready to take on more challenging terrain, meet new riders and maybe even see how you fair against the clock at an upcoming QLD Enduro race. As you take this step it occurs to you that the experience may be heightened by upgrading your bike so you can tackle the courses with added confidence. So, what are your options? We take a look at three great mountain bikes fit for the task.

Norco Sight

Norco Sight mountain bike Brisbane For The Riders MTB shop

The Norco Sight is one of the most appealing modern Enduro bikes on the market. It's got great angles with a 64 degree head angle, 77.7 degree seat angle and 350mm bottom bracket height. Norco's four bar suspension design has been further refined for a supple, supportive suspension platform. These design traits make for a bike that is confidence inspiring with it's steady handling on the descents and a smooth, grounded suspension action to back it up.

Scott Genius

Scott mountain bikes Brisbane MTB shop For The Riders

Sitting pretty with 150mm of travel front and rear the Scott Genius is a highly capable bike, ready to ride the SEQ Enduro terrain. It has a steeper head angle than the Norco Sight at 65 degrees and the wheelbase is shorter across all sizes. This makes for a more nimble bike both up and down the mountain. The climbing ability on the Scott is maximised with their 'TwinLoc' technology that turns the bike into a 100mm travel or 'locked out' bike for climbing different terrain. This really sets the Scott a part from the rest and makes it extremely versatile, you can learn more about 'Twinloc' here.

Scott Ransom

Scott Ransom Brisbane For The Riders mountain bike shop

If you're looking for even more confidence on the descents it's hard to go past the Scott Ransom. 170mm travel front and rear for a super smooth and predictable ride. Now that may sounds like a lot of bike to pedal to the top of the hill but with that 'Twinloc' lever can be adjusted as you ride to 120mm or locked out. Put it all together and the Ransom is the complete package for riders chasing a burly descender that can still climb the steepest SEQ MTB climbs.

Price Points

All of the listed models come in a range of specs and both aluminium and carbon frames. This means these bikes hit a host of different price points letting you get the most bang for your buck while picking the bike that suits your needs best. For guidance on selecting your SEQ Enduro mountain bike swing by the For The Riders mountain bike shop and we can provide guidance and answer all your questions.

Scott Bikes Brisbane For The Riders MTB shop

Enduro MTB In SEQ

Although there are many forms of mountain biking out there nothing has the versatility of Enduro. If you're looking to race your first Enduro or just generally ride more Enduro style terrain having the right bike can make a big difference, smoothening out the trail and giving you the confidence to progress your riding skills. As passionate Enduro MTB riders ourselves we're always happy to chat so swing by and we'll share our knowledge!

Scott mountain bikes Brisbane For The Riders MTB shop

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