2021 Yeti Colours

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Next in line with the release of some flashy new colours is Yeti with their striking 2021 mountain bike range. We haven't seen this much colour from Yeti for quite some time!


This is our most popular Yeti for Brisbane mountain bikers due to it's supreme versatility putting it right at home on our local trails with enough squish to take on big descents overseas. For 2021 Riders will have the option of brick, black and turquoise.

Yeti SB130 frame Brisbane MTB store For The Riders

Frameset RRP $5,650 and GX level completes from RRP $9,790. See colour options here.


The big travel Enduro assault bike. For those out there who are battling the clock and trying to knock off every second this is where it all comes together. The new Rockshox ZEB and Fox 38 will be nice options for riders in 2021 with added stifness and support when pushing hard. The always popular and always good looking black accompanies the signature turquoise for the SB150 in 2021. 

For The Riders Brisbane mountain bike store Yeti SB150 frame

Frameset RRP $5,990 and GX level completes from RRP $10,429. See colour options here.


Yeti's go up, go down and go as big as you like bike, the Yeti SB165. Coil as standard this bike has an uneniably smooth ride as it takes on rocks, roots and big jumps with ease. This is another bike where riders seeking a little more up front will be pleased to add a Rockshox ZEB or Fox 38 to the build list. For 2021 Yeti keep the stealthy black while giving riders the option to spice it up with moss green.

For The Riders Brisbane mountain bike store Yet Bikes Australia

 Frameset RRP $6,200 and GX level completes from RRP $10,680. See colour options here.


If fun could be described as a bike it would be the Yeti SB140. This lively bike running on 27.5" wheels with 140mm rear travel and 160mm up front really hit the spot and we were happy to see some incredible looking customs roll out the For The Riders door. Now we're excited to see how riders chose to built them this year with the addition of 'ron' red to compliment the turquoise colour scheme. 

Yeti SB140 For The Riders Australian MTB store

Frameset RRP $5,650 and GX level completes from RRP $10,029. See colour options here.

New Models

We've already had the pleasure of revealing the Yeti SB115 and ARC for 2021. If you missed out on the excitement of these new models you can see the details of SB115 here and ARC here.


Bikes have been harder than ever to get a hold of but good news for Yeti fans is the fact these new models are already in Australia although supply is strictly limited. If you've got your eye on a fresh Yeti talk to us about securing a frame so we can build you that dream bike.

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