Why You Should Be Riding In a Bib

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Most mountain bikers are very shy of Lycra, and that's understandable. We're not asking you to pedal up and down the mountain in a skin suit! But those guys racing the EWS with full face helmets, goggles and those great looking factory kits are in... bibs. Hidden underneath those bibs are making a world of difference to the enjoyment of those riders day but... why?

Yeti Enduro Bib For The Riders MTB store


It's a thing, the right bib will make that long day pedalling up hill a whole lot more comfortable down there. The padding you get in a nice bib relives pressure and encourages blood flow to the 'crown jewels' which is a good thing! A lack of blood flow can not only be uncomfortable but in extreme cases lead to some problems later in life. Not only do bibs offer quality padding they stay in place all ride long, far better than the standard chamois you get with mountain bike shorts.

Yeti Cycles Enduro Bib MTB Australia For The Riders

Practical Storage

Modern mountain bike bibs are fitted out with some great storage options so you can ditch the pack on smaller rides and ride comfortably with the essentials. The Yeti Enduro Bib has a spot for your water bottle as well as pockets for... snacks, a tube, gels... whatever you like, probably not a microwave though. 

Why mountain bikers should wear a bib for the riders Brisbane

There you have it, two good reasons to wear a bib whilst riding. I'll admit I was sceptical at first but now I've worn one a ride without it just isn't the same. 

Here at FTR we've all tried our fair share of different bibs but the one that is gaining the most praise right now had to be Yeti's Enduro bib. If you're looking at upgrading or getting your first bib check it out!

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